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Direct Wide

Direct-Wide Pho...

Direct-Wide Photo Adapters offer an improved way of mounting your camera/T-Ring directly to 60mm draw tubes.

Direct Wide Ada...

Direct Wide Adapter for Olympus Manual Focus.

Direct Wide adapters provide frame-filling, prime-focus connections between the Vixen-style 60mm draw tube and your SLR/DSLR camera T-Ring. Wide opening mitigates vignetting on fast optical systems. Allows easy rotation for image orientation after mounting — you'll never go back to a simple T-Ring connection again.

Includes internal 56mm / 0.75mm accessory thread. Requires outer part from your camera's T-Ring.

Important Notes

  • Vixen 60mm draw tube thread is M60 x 0.75mm found on some models of Vixen, Borg, Orion, older Celestron & other brand telescopes.
  • Direct Wide Adapters are designed to work with the original manufacture’s T-Ring specification. You’ll need a quality Japanese Made T-Ring for proper fit.
  • Some scopes may need optional Extension Tube for 60mm Draw Tubes to reach focus.
  • Not all Newtonians are made for imaging. Full-frame imagers using fast imaging Newtonians may opt for the Coma Corrector R200SS (f/4).
  • See Technical Document at page bottom.

Direct Wide Photo Adapter Olympus (MF)

Works with T-Rings for Olympus manual focus cameras only! NOT for Olympus FourThirds. NOT for Canon EOS, FD, or FL. NOT for Nikon. NOT for Minolta, Pentax, Konica, Yashica, etc. either!

Model # AP-DW-3877            

Blow-out $30.00!    Was $50.00    [How to Purchase]

Recommended Accessories

See accessory pages for more info.

T-Ring Contax

T-Ring for the common Yashica / Contax mount used on manual focus camera bodies. See Prod. No.37309-3 in T-Ring Reference link at top. Made in Japan.

Model # AP-TR-3771            Weight: 34 grams / 1.2 oz

Blow-out $13.00!    Was $22.00    [How to Purchase]

AP-TR-3771 T-Ri...

AP-TR-3771 T-Ring Contax

T-Ring Konica

T-Ring for Konica manual focus bodies. See Prod. No.37312-3 in T-Ring Reference link at top. Made in Japan.

Model # AP-TR-3770            Weight: 46 grams / 1.6 oz

Blow-out $13.00!    Was $22.00    [How to Purchase]

AP-TR-3770 T-Ri...

AP-TR-3770 T-Ring Konica

T-Ring Minolta

T-Ring for Minolta manual focus camera bodies. See Prod. No. 37304-8 in T-Ring Reference link at top. Made in Japan.

Model # AP-TR-3766            Weight: 30 grams / 1.1 oz

Blow-out $13.00!    Was $22.00    [How to Purchase]

AP-TR-3766 Mino...

AP-TR-3766 Minolta T-Ring

T-Ring Minolta a

T-Ring for Minolta α Auto Focus camera. α models were marketed as Maxxum in the US. Later, the system was known as Dynax. Sony acquired the α mount from Konica Minolta. See Prod. No. 37303-1 in T-Ring Reference link at top. Made in Japan.

Model # AP-TR-3760            Weight: 45 grams / 1.6 oz

Blow-out $13.00!    Was $22.00    [How to Purchase]

AP-TR-3760  Min...

AP-TR-3760 Minolta a T-Ring

T-Ring Praktica

T-Ring for Praktica also fits certain models of Pentax, Yashica, Fujica, Mamiya, Ricoh, & Petri cameras. See Prod. No.37307-9 in T-Ring Reference link at top. Made in Japan.

Model # AP-TR-3768            Weight: 25 grams / 0.9 oz

Blow-out $13.00!    Was $22.00    [How to Purchase]

AP-TR-3768 Prac...

AP-TR-3768 Practica

T-Ring Yashica AF

This Yashica AF T-Ring is also marked for Kyocera and Contax AF cameras that use that common mounting system. See Prod. No. 3742-05 in T-Ring Reference link at top. Made in Japan.

Model # AP-TR-3742            Weight: 42 grams / 1.5 oz

Blow-out $21.00!    Was $36.00    [How to Purchase]

AP-TR-3742 Yash...

AP-TR-3742 Yashica AF T-Ring

Technical Documents and Notes

  Installing Direct Wide 60mm adapter

on R200SS and VC200L. Other scopes with 60mm diameter x 0.75mm pitch draw tube threads may need extention tube to reach focus. R200SS requires optional Coma Corrector (AV-CC-3838) for installation. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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