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SkySensor 2000 "Go To" System
The SkySensor 2000 in combination with a Vixen equatorial mount can achieve highly accurate automatic pointing and tracking of celestial objects. With the SkySensor 2000, any Vixen equatorial mount, with its versatile selection of optical tubes for visual or photographic observations, quickly becomes a computer controlled GO TO telescope system.

1. High-speed automatic search of celestial objects.
The SkySensor 2000, with DC motors, automatically slews the telescope at speeds up to 5 degrees per second to bring the selected object in the field of view.

2. External computer control
The SkySensor 2000 cannot be controlled remotely from a personal computer at this time.

3. 13,942 objects database
The SkySensor 2000s object database contains the Moon, planets, Messiers, NGC, IC, and SAO objects. Over 100 named surface features of the Moon and four Jovian satellites discovered by Galileo are included.

4. Simple initial setting
SkySensor 2000 does not require polar alignment of the equatorial mount. You can place the mount in any convenient orientation and start using the Sky Sensor.

5. Altazimuth tracking
The SkySensor 2000 lets you move the telescope vertically or horizontally with a single controller key, as though you are using an altazimuth mount, by automatically controlling both R.A. and declination motors simultaneously.

6. PEC (periodic error correction) function 
The PEC function automatically corrects for the small periodic motion error caused by the misalignment of the worm gear. PEC is useful for long exposure astrophotography.

7. Automatic search and tracking of comets and artificial satellites 
You can search and track comets and artificial satellites by entering their orbital elements. The orbital elements can be entered from the controller.

8. Sky tours 
The Sky Tour function automatically points the telescope at objects from a selected list at set intervals. This is a useful feature for demonstrations.

9. Optional CCD auto-guiding system 
The SkySensor 2000 can be connected to your favorite autoguider by construction of a customized cable. Refer to Appendix B of the SkySensor 2000 manual for the Auto Guider pin-out diagram.

10. Multi language display 
The SkySensor 2000 display supports the English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese languages. 

The current SkySensor 2000 comes with software version 2.10 in the controller and MT-4 motors. Replacement motors are available, but note that SkySensor 2000 versions 2.07 to 2.09 work only with MT-3 motors.

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